Sieben Grossartige Massnahmen, Damit Man Sich An Ihren Messeauftritt Erinnert

– The attention of visitors decreases due to the competition of different brands

– The brand memory can not decide because of the high-quality brand presentations

– The size of the exhibition grounds restricts the visitors to visit all the stands

– The growing frequency The trade fairs reduce the effectiveness of the events

– Rising exhibition stand prices require new exhibition stand designs

Use of a flying

drone with a motif of the brand In Europe, it is often allowed to use drones for aerial photography and entertainment purposes. Regarding the permitted altitude, the radius in relation to the user and the weight of the drone, derogations are often granted. Exhibitors could accordingly use a drone with a motif flying over the fairgrounds. This measure lowers the cost of the booth while increasing brand awareness.

Geofencing of the trade fair premises

Geo Fencing relies on technologies such as RFID, GPS, Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth Smart to create virtual borders. If visitors’ GPS settings are turned on, they can send push messages, email notifications and triggers to their smartphones and navigate them to the booth on the grounds. The visit to the exhibition stand is maximized while the costs for the exhibition stand are reduced.

Undoubtedly, geo-fencing is more of an emerging technology and can put the brand on the visitor’s radar without driving up the cost of fair construction

Use robots for demonstration

At fairs, everything revolves around people. Most visitors do not come across a large number of booth crew members for whatever reason they want to engage in conversation.

Just use a robot and let him guide you through the performance of the brand through a presentation or a short animated film. Given the many human activities, the robot provides an experience that visitors will remember for a long time.

Focus on individual color coding and brand aesthetics

If your brand already has a mascot, that’s excellent. If not, you should discuss this requirement with the booth designer. With a 3D design of the stand, he can provide you with a comprehensible representation of the stand, without having to raise the stand prices. Or let us show booth examples, which he takes as a reference.

At the trade fair stand design, design a striking positioning on the trade fair grounds including your mascot with graphics that relate to the brand. Also, use consistent color coding to increase brand engagement in visitors’ memories.

Use gaming measures as a problem solver

A common mistake in B2B business is the formalization of communication processes. In most cases, there is no personal incentive for top decision-makers to interact with the exhibitor brand.

Use gaming technology at the booth to initiate a dialogue between visitor and brand. Make it clear to potential decision makers what value your product can create for your company when deciding on your company’s products and services. The cost of the exhibition stand increased by such a measure in the rarest cases.

Use a touch screen to share downloads

Remember: A trade fair is about spreading information and giving the customer more insights into the products. In addition to the product or service itself, your visitors may be interested in content such as user guides, service manuals, white papers, and technical documents. Why not provide touch-screen displays and ask visitors to share their contact information with you in return for a downloadable link for interesting content? Also in this case, the expected costs for the fair construction are manageable in relation to the results.

Use 3D LED machines to enhance advertising and visual effects

If your brand has a small budget, you should use 3D LED machines to reinvent the brand’s storytelling. These rechargeable and portable devices can also be wall-mounted to give visitors a visual experience through 3D LED images. It can be a good way to present a problem solution, a brand logo, a mascot or something else.

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