Tourism in Alappuzha

The Alappuzha is known as the backwater destination of Kerala. These are dew to the fresh and clean backwater area in Alappuzha. The main attraction of Alappuzha is the pure nature that they are having as the scenery.

The other main atraction here are the fresh food that they are able to provide to others those who are the outsiders to the area.These help them to attract more people into that area.

The main attraction of Alappuzha is the houseboat tourism in that area that make them more tourist attraction area in Kerala. They provide a wide range of houseboat in Alappuzha.

There are around 1000 or more houseboat in rough figure that provide a wide range of choice for others. The Alappuzha is mainly focused on agriculture that are mainly in Kuttanad. They are mainly focused in the cultivation of rice. They are the providers of rich and fresh rice to the population of kerala. These is another area that is mainly famous for their fresh food thst are provided these mainly include the fish of Vembanattu lake these are mainly dew to the promoters who have created the information to the other world.

Alappuzha is also famous for the coir product that they are producing. They are able to produce variety of product using the coir materials these include mat bed decoration materials. Accessories are also been produced using these coir materials they are the main manufactures of coir materials that are being one of the leadind materials that are available in Kerala.

Alappuzha is a beautiful place that are being famous for the surrounding of water ways there are being a wide range of business that are being conducted in these area that are being related to the waterways.

Alappuzha is also famous in providing rich and the famous food that are being the wanted one in the market to maintain the demand of future.

The houseboats provide with a wide range of packages that are being made in order to meet the wants and the need of the people. These help everyone to cruise and enjoy the beuty of the nature through houseboat. There are different packages in houseboat that mainly include honeymoon, basic, luxury, deluxe, premium, and deluxe premium etc.

There will be changes in route, food, and facilities of the houseboat depending upon the packages that the people choose to cruise the backwaters of Alapuzha.

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