5 Key Elements of a Local Marketing Strategy

The one thing to remember about local marketing is that you don’t have to have a local business to use local marketing strategies.

With the right local marketing strategy, you can get more customers, increase engagement, and make more sales.

1. Know How to Segment Your Audience Best

Even when you know who your basic target audience member is, it’s more productive to choose even more narrow segments of the main audience to market to. It can help to create audience personas for the different segments of your audience so that you know who you’re creating content for.

2. Understand How to Position and Target the Right Audience Members

Ideally, you want to create products and solutions that your audience already wants. Then, you simply must be where they are so they can find you and buy your solution. You may need content, branding, and other collateral for each of the segments in your audience. The whole point of branding is to ensure that your customers feel the way you want them to feel about your brand.

5. Know How You’re Going to Promote Your Products or Services

The next thing you need to know in your local marketing strategy is how you’re going to promote your products and services. Will you run Facebook ads? What kind of content will you create? How about your landing pages? Are you going to use local keywords on the landing pages, in the content, and elsewhere?

4. Ensure Your Monitor & Evaluate Your Actions & Your Customers Too

The only way to know for sure if the tactics you’re trying are working is to monitor and evaluate each thing you do. Ensure that the goals you create all have a measurable way to know if it’s working or not working. Test things from your perspective and your customers too. If you don’t set up metrics, you’ll only be guessing, and often guesses are incorrect.

5. Set Up an Actionable Marketing Plan

Once you work out all the factors, you need to create a step by step plan that you can act on each day. Start with the goal and work your way back to today in your calendar and note each thing you need to do whether it’s to create a guest blog series for a certain popular local blog or to set up an influencer campaign.

Everything you do to market your business requires that you know your goals, understand who your target market is, know your strengths and weaknesses, and know exactly how you’re going to disseminate the message that you have for your audience while also making actionable steps to ensure success.

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