Success: Can You Truly Plan to Be Successful

Success. Can you truly plan to be successful? Some would say no but when you study those who have actually achieved different levels of success is clear they planned to succeed.

What is success? Many times when people look to become successful they relate it to work, career, money and financial status. But true success in life is so much more. For those who want to experience life success it must include your career, family and loved ones. Having balance in your entire life is the one true character of success.

I remember being a young salesman interviewing for a position in a large financial services company. They bought me to meet the VP of Sales and we spoke at length about the position and the opportunities this company offered to its salespeople. After the interview as I was being led to the elevator I asked the manager who was walking me out “so I see your VP is very successful. He started here years ago and rose through the ranks. How is his family life?”

The manager kind of smiled and said “oh, he has been divorced twice since he has been here and is currently a single parent.” I got on the elevator and said to myself “I don’t want what he has. I am not interested in sacrificing my family for the sake of money or position. I am doing all of this to enjoy a better life with my family.”

There are some solid ideas we can adopt to move towards being successful;

1) Don’t wait for opportunity; create it – Many entrepreneurs found financial success because they did not wait to find what they wanted, they created it. When we look at the rise in computer use (Microsoft), converting our phones into walking computers (Apple) or electric cars (Tesla) each of these companies created something that had not previously existed in the form they took it to.

2) The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles – No one has ever experienced great success without great obstacles. Edison tried over 10,000 to create a lightbulb and a fire destroyed his factory and years of work. Einstein was through to be autistic and unable to learn. Roger Bannister broke the record by running a 4 minute mile when before him it had not been done. Time and time again greatness requires one to overcome obstacles by keeping your eye on the goal.

3) Belief in oneself and hard work earn success – You must believe that you are great, can do great things and if you work hard success will come. Nothing can be allowed to stand in your way as you pursue life success.

Success is possible. Keep on looking for your way to achieve it.

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